Services/ Product Development

Here are some of the ‘extras’ that only GLOAPSO Inc. offers:

  • We make sure to personally visit the factory before placing an order.
  • After the receipt of the L/C the factory has to procure yarn before it can commit to a delivery date. We track the factory to ensure that it does so, and at the proper time
  • We also do a quality check to see whether the yarn is sourced from standard yarn mills.
  • Our office stands guarantee for fit samples. We personally check the fit and only the proper fit samples are sent out by courier.
  • We offer the same stringent check for sourcing of accessories, ensuring close follow-up for delivery in time.
  • Constant on-line inspection prevents mistakes and cuts down on lead time, ensuring high-quality products and delivery on schedule.
  • GLOAPSO understands the value of timely delivery. We project work schedules at least 15 days in advance, and ensure proper feed back to the importers.
  • Final inspection is done to AQL standards.
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